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Santo Stefano Town

Since its foundation nearly 150 years ago in SANTO STEFANO QUISQUINA AG, Sicily Italy, both BIVONA and SANTO STEFANO Extra Virgin Olive Oils have become the epitome of a passionate love affair with nature, exquisite taste and old-fashioned authenticity passed from generation to generation.

Dedicated to making only the finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, LA CUCINA ITALIANA LLC. provides estate olive oil cultivated and nurtured in a natural and organic environment, combined with production and packaging techniques that match its purity, quintessence and holistic value. Each of our gourmet olive oils is crafted from a meticulous selection of hand-harvested olives using the combination of traditional stone mill pressing methods with state-of-the-art technology.

Our focus on organic agriculture, environmentally-responsible sourcing, and truly outstanding selection culminates in a perfectly balanced extra virgin organic olive oil.

The small size of SANTO STEFANO QUISQUINA AG. olive grove makes it possible to do everything by hand from pruning and irrigation to picking, crushing and bottling, all of which contributes to the production of the finest quality olive oil. With smaller scale production, there is less room for errors and a lot more room for integrity of the product - a commitment that permeates the soil, the trees, the blushing olive fruit, and ultimately the quality that defines BIVONA organic extra virgin olive oil.

Intense golden yellow with light green hues, with fruity smell and hints of almond flavor and a sweet aftertaste, BIVONA & SANTO STEFANO organic extra virgin olive oils are made from Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola olives, grown on the farm of Santo Stefano Quisquina AG. and the neighboring town of Bivona - the names we've dedicated these finest olive oils.

Hand picked olives
Organic Olives

The olives are harvested between the late October to late November, when not quite ripe, which accounts for its intense fruity flavor and balanced aroma. In an effort to maintain the tradition of olive oil production, the harvesting is done by hand which reduces the damaging of olives during the process and ensures the low acidity levels. For optimal quality, the olives are cleaned and cold-pressed in a traditional granite stone mill within 24 hours of harvesting. After being pressed, the oil is kept in the dark in closed containers, at a cool temperature around 57F - 64F, away from direct heat and light. During the bottling process, each bottle is filled and labeled by hand - a method that symbolizes the passionate connection with the art of olive oil and the pride of a land rich with nostalgic traditions.

Known for producing the highest quality olive oil, LA CUCINA ITALIANA LLC. oil-fueled gastronomy has earned a respectable reputation in the region, thus becoming the main supplier of organic olive oil for local consumers proud to be a part of the pastoral culture in this traditional heartland of olive oil.

Our total production is comprised of 100% of organic fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil (certified by BIOS, International Organic Accreditations), out of which only 20% is designated for export to North America with the remaining 80% being reserved for domestic consumption where it is a focal part of local culinary culture.

These exquisite olive oils are produced by the Cicarello family on their estate in Santo Stefano AG, Sicily, from 150-year-old olive trees. Pressed within 24 hours of hand picking, the distinctive blend of Sicilian olives brims with the flavor and aroma of green grass and almonds. Therefore, only limited quantities are available -our guarantee of the finest quality and the most fragrant flavor to satisfy an avid gourmet foodie and novice alike.

Essential for any fresh olive oil lover’s pantry, SANTO STEFANO & BIVONA versatile olive oils create a complex depth of flavor in salads, pastas, grilled foods and more.

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